(TESTIMONIALS from authors)

“Smart, soothing, and hypercompetent.”


—Hanya Yanagihara, international bestselling author of A Little Life and The People in the Trees


“Precisely the editor all writers need.”

"Precisely the editor all writers need: Astute, supremely creative, possessing an ability to fully comprehend any type of writing and expand its true value.  My work would, certainly, not be the same without her intensely valuable input and devotion."


Jacob Tomsky, New York Times and international bestselling author of Heads in Beds: A RECKLESS MEMOIR OF HOTELS, HUSTLES, AND SO-CALLED HOSPITALITY


“An extremely astute editor whose skills have blown me away. No matter the length or breadth of a project, her meticulousness never wanes and she always provides suggestions but leaves enough space for the writer to make the decision of whether or not to go through with that. She is a warm, accessible individual who'll help to sculpt your project into a finished work that'll transcend what you might've not imagined that you could do on your own.”

“An extremely astute editor whose skills have blown me away.”


Morgan Jerkins, author of New York Times Bestseller This Will Be My UndoinG (JANUARY 2018), A BARNES & NOBLE DISCOVER PICKAND contributor to the new yorker’s PAGE-TURNER, vogue, the new york timesbuzzfeed, the GUARDIAN, the atlantic, elle, rolling stone


“A wonderful influence on my writing career.”

"Hannah has the best qualities you could hope for in an editor and more. She not only made my voice as an author stronger, she helped me become a better writer overall. Through Hannah’s guidance, my books with her have been nominated for both an Edgar and a Thriller Award. She’s been a wonderful influence on my writing career."

“Hannah Wood is a genius alchemist…. [She] was able to take a synopsis of a novel I’d been struggling with for nearly a decade and not only laser beam in on the problems but offer brilliant, creative suggestions to unlock them. Best of all, to my amazement, I felt that just reading her comments were making me a better, richer, deeper writer, carrying me to the next level! Thanks, Hannah. I can’t imagine I will want to write even a grocery list without you again.”


“A genius alchemist.”


—Caroline Leavitt, New York Times Bestselling author of Pictures of You and Is This Tomorrow, and critically acclaimed author of Cruel BeautifuL World


“I trust her indefinitely.”

"An editor, sure; more precisely, a Zen master of language and ideas. The combination of her deep empathy and judicious hand helped make a garden out of the wilderness that was my debut novel. By rooting out the power in a chapter, a sentence, or a single word, she brings what is hidden to the light. I trust her indefinitely."




"The kind of editor writers dream about. From the beginning of our work together, all the way to the end, she was enthusiastic, kind, and unflagging not only in her support for my book but for me as a person. Always ready with well-researched edits, Hannah is generous yet hyper competent. She is skilled and efficient, but she never lets her desire to create the perfect product overrule her sense of humanity; your work may come back covered in red marks, but you'll never think you're being treated unfairly. Would that all writers could have such a wonderful resource!"


“The kind of editor writers dream about.”


Shelley DeWees, author of Not Just Jane: Rediscovering Seven Amazing Women WRITERs Who Transformed British Literature


"As a first time novelist, I was referred to a prominent New York literary agent, but I had some significant structural issues to address in my manuscript.  When he shared his recommendations for a freelance editor, Hannah Wood was at the very top of that list.  After working with Hannah on two rounds of edits over the past five months, I can absolutely see why!  Hannah is remarkable! From the beginning of the process, she understood and embraced the story as I had envisioned it, and from the molecular level of word choice and character nuances to the thematic development of the novel, she was unrelenting in her focus to help me bring the work to its highest potential. It is an unqualified pleasure to work with her, and anyone looking to learn more about the craft and bring their manuscript to the marketplace could not do any better than to have Hannah by their side.”




"A decade working with three leading New York publishing houses helped make Hannah the ideal freelance coach, editor, and advisor.  One afternoon of Hannah’s astute analysis and specific assignments, offered with unflinching honesty tempered by cheerful kindness, took my twin memoir to an entirely new level.  'Do the hardest chapter first,' she ordered—a chapter recently published as a feature article in the Washington Post." 


“The ideal freelance coach, editor, and advisor. 


Ruth O. Selig, founding editor of Smithsonian AnthroNotes, senior editor of the award-winning Anthropology Explored: The Best of Smithsonian AnthroNotes (Smithsonian Books), memoirist, and freelance client



“I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough.”


"I came to Hannah seeking guidance on querying literary agents. Within a few months of my first session with Hannah, I received an offer of representation from the perfect literary agent for my debut novel. Hannah helped me polish my query letter, identify comparative titles, select agents to query, revise my opening pages and design a strategy for querying agents. I ultimately signed with a dream agent, whom Hannah had identified as a good fit for the project. Hannah is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging. Hannah’s insights from her professional background in publishing and strong ties to the industry are invaluable for industry outsiders. I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough for anyone who is serious about pursuing writing professionally." 


—Alexander Nourafshan, newly-signed fiction author and freelance client


"One of the most remarkable minds I've ever worked with. I've had the privilege of showing her my writing for over a decade, and she has truly helped me sharpen my voice and hone my craft. Hers is the advice I trust most in my literary landscape. She sees details in the work that I am incapable of seeing, and she knows exactly where to cut, and where to ask authors for more. She is patient and encouraging while also knowing how to pull the best sentences out of the people she works with—and she is always right. This is to say nothing of her extensive industry experience. She has eerie instincts about presses, journals, editors, and agents. She has her finger on the pulse of the publishing industry and has consistently guided my career (and the careers of many others) in the right direction. Finally, what few people know about Hannah is that she herself is an outstanding writer. Just ask any of the authors for whom she has written jacket copy (or, of course, anyone who has read her work more broadly). You're lucky if you have her in your corner."


“You’re lucky if you have her in your corner.”


Piyali Bhattacharya, Writer-in-Residence at Vanderbilt University & editor of Good Girls Marry Doctors: South Asian American Daughters on Obedience and Rebellion