Your business strategy is only as strong as the story you tell. Whether you are a big brand or a boutique start-up, success starts with knowing not only what you want to say, but also how you want to say it—and how you want your customers to talk about your business. Drawing on my copywriting, content strategy, marketing, and editorial experience, I will help you create meaning where and when it matters by:

  • Developing a distinctive brand voice around key messaging and communication strategies
  • Collaborating (writing and/or editing) flagship copy, core materials, and special projects
  • Workshopping user personas, market segmentation analyses, and client profiles
  • Conducting content and copy audits across all platforms for SEO efficacy, clarity, consistency, and narrative appeal
  • Shaping best practices for content creation and publication
  • Elevating your employees' writing and storytelling skills

Every business is unique. Clarifying the deliverables and insights you're looking for begins with a discussion about specific goals and needs in the context of your company mission and philosophy. Let's talk about the power stories have to strengthen your brand's identity, enhance its integrity, and positively impact its bottom line.

Why Use Good Companies?
Why Use Good Companies?

Case Study

Click here to see my recent work with Good Companies, a new independent online resource created to connect you with brands devoted to making a difference. Guided by the vision of Catie Marron, founder and CEO, and her team, I collaborated on the development and execution of a compelling communication strategy in advance of the project's launch.

The first step was clarifying the objectives that the initiative's branding and flagship website copy should accomplish. We needed to convey what Good Companies is and what it stands for, why it exists, and the value it offers to consumers and to the businesses it features. And we needed to do this in a way that reflected the initiative's spirit, the needs and interests of its audience, and the B-Corp movement that inspired it.

From the tag line to the About Us page, writing and refining the copy elements that together tell the story of Good Companies allowed us to develop the engaging, meaningful, and authentic voice that defines its identity.


“You have to tell a story before you can sell a story.”

—Beth Comstock