Do you feel there just aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done?

Our industry is condensing in response to the shifting media and retail landscapes, and we're doing our best to keep up—but it's hard. In this increasingly competitive, fast-paced marketplace, the value that experienced freelance editors, book doctors, and ghostwriters can provide is hard to beat. 


I have a strong sense of what editors at major houses are looking for when evaluating potential projects, as well as the concomitant concerns and questions that may come from colleagues in sales, marketing, and publicity. Contact me if you have a client with a great platform and a compelling idea who needs hands-on help to produce a strong proposal; if a promising manuscript that's got your agent antennae twitching needs work before it's ready for prime-time; if you've been collaborating with a client on a manuscript and think a detailed line edit would help it make the strongest possible impression on submission. 


Good publishers and editors work closely with their authors, but they also know when a project would benefit from specialized editorial attention. I'm here to provide developmental editorial support for a fiction manuscript, a nonfiction project acquired on proposal, or a second or third book in a multiple-book contract; focus on the nuances of a line-edit to ensure that the best possible version of a book is transmitted to production; or work intensively with an author to rescue a project that's lost its way. If the timeline is tight, I will (to the best of my ability) deliver edits quickly. 


“Just get it down on paper, and then we’ll see what to do with it.” 

—Maxwell Perkins